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Product Description

      HX889 multi-function password keyboard is a fusion of ISO7816 contactless IC card, CPU card read and write, ISO14443A / B protocol non-contact IC card, NFC card reader, PSAM card machine encryption, password button, LCD screen in one , Which effectively solves the problem of the coexistence of the contactless IC chip card and the noncontact IC chip card in the POS terminal payment system and is widely used in the fields of medical insurance, social security and commercial super terminal payment

       HX889 multi-function password keyboard support interface with RS232 or USB, equipped with SAM card holder. The main deck is used for normal use. The secondary deck can be easily inserted into the management board for authentication and management. It solves the problem that most of the readers must use the built-in SAM card.

       HX889 multi-function password keyboard in the system installation and use of the process is very convenient, while the device has online upgrade capabilities, according to the different applications quickly tailored to the user the corresponding function. At the same time in order to meet the transaction speed, all the cards support high-speed CPU card support.

       HX889 multi-function password keyboard as IC card system, mobile payment terminal integrates the necessary front-end processing equipment to support the secondary development and application, which greatly improves the security of the system and application of convenience, can be more outstanding service in business, Telecommunications, postal services, taxation, banking, insurance, medical and various fees, stored value, inquiries and other smart card management applications.

Product specifications

Product Name: HX889 multi-function password keyboard

Weight: 400g

Temperature range: -20 to + 60ÂșC

Card contacts can be used times: 200,000 times

Support card size: Supports one ISO7816 standard card size, at the same time can be attached to a GSM 11.11-compliant SIM card size SAM deck

Can supply current to card: 70mA

Communication with PC Type: USB Imitation serial communication

Communication protocol: Supports T = 0, T = 1 CPU card, supports common memory card, with the card communication speed up to 115,200 bps

                Synchronous support Non-contact smart cards conforming to ISO14443 Type A, Type B, such as: S50, S70, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, Des-fire, Ultralight chip card reader

The standards followed: ISO14443, ISO 7816-3, PC / SC, GSM11.11, FCC, CE

Communication rate: T = 0: 9600-38400bpsT = 1: 9600-115200bps

Appearance color: General picture, can be customized according to user needs

Connection cable: 2M

Status display: Two-color LED indicator, indicating power or communication status

Display support: LCD, 122 * 32, 2 rows and 8 columns of Chinese characters display, support for backlight

Keyboard support: support for keyboard input, the keyboard uses 15 keys, the keys for the 0-9 number keys and "confirm", "clear" 3 spare keys, support for 3DES encryption, with pronunciation.

Storage Support: Provide 4K read and write space and the corresponding interface functions, the device ID settings for the user to store data with

Operating System: Windows 98, Me, 2K, XP, 2003 and Unix and Linux

Shape Specifications: length 160mm * width 83mm * height 100mm

Other features: Provide a common interface function library that supports multiple operating systems and language development platform to support online upgrades

Password keyboard other models that

      YD511 type: ordinary keyboard, RS-232 interface

      YD516 type: metal waterproof keyboard, aviation interface

      YD521 type: ordinary keyboard, emulation keyboard interface
      YD531 type: ordinary keyboard, USB-Imitation serial port interface

      YD541 type: ordinary keyboard, USB-emulation keyboard interface

      YD551 type: ordinary keyboard, RS485 interface
      HX552 type: Medicare special password keyboard, RJ11 interface

      YD560 type: Encryption keyboard, dual communication keyboard interface

      YD570 type: Encryption keyboard, DES or TRI-DES encryption algorithm keyboard

      YD580 type: Encryption keyboard, special commands, bank-specific

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